A good game but nothing here that long term FIFA players won't recognize.

User Rating: 7 | 2006 FIFA World Cup Deutsch Taikai PSP
While there is nothing really wrong with this game there is a feeling that this really amounts to FIFA'06 rehashed.
The game play is satisfying though, being able to guide your team through qualification process is great and all national teams are able to be played which is also very good.
The graphics are not outstanding but passable for a hand held device. The front end is slick with a great soundtrack which is almost a given for EA sports games.
The game play is good, more challenging even at the beginner levels but provides several levels of challenges so you will never feel completely out of depth.
There are a few mini games, which as far as I know are hand held exclusive, these don't add a huge amount of variety and once again have been borrowed form previous versions.
Overall this is a solid FIFA package but with no outstanding features it does feel more like a FIFA lite, which will suit most people fine.