Good Game, but it's really hard to get into it.

User Rating: 6.5 | FIFA Street 2 PS2
It really takes some time, till you are ready to do these amazing trick combos.
When I played it the first time I was a little many buttons, so many different tricks. In my first Game I just tried to do normal need for big tricks to rock the field. They are really fun, but nobody really needs them...The Idea for the gamebreaker sucks too in my opinion.
Why didn't they do it as in the other Street Games like NFL oder NBA Street?
It should be possible to start the gamebreaker everywhere with a nice slomo-cutscene etc. The Option to win the match instantly by getting past the 3 opponents and score a goal isn't that well thought off.
With friends it is of course still great.
At the End...Much style, less game.