OMG Fifa 96 is where amazing happens

User Rating: 10 | FIFA Soccer 96 PC
OK Ok OMG. I'm trying to like, calm myself sown after playing this, but it's like, unbelievable.
Firstly, it's amazing.
Secondly, the way that the people on the field, like, kick the ball in the goals, its' like OMG for real, like actually, no joke.
It definitley lives up to the goodnes that was promised. It's like, so much better than halo reach, but only just.
And when i scored the winning goal with that good soccer player, oh yeah ronalbu, to win the FIBA thing, it pretty much blew my mind, like literally.
So, it's a dangerous game to play.

it's better than the previous fifa games like fifa 11 and fifa 10 and them.

but in all seriousness, probably the most goodest game that isn't available in stores anymore.
and you can just, like, tell from the front cover that it is OMG.
But yeah, it sucks........ if your name is Efosa