New Soccer Revolution - Still Wack

User Rating: 6 | FIFA Soccer 96 PS
When FIFA96 came I was thinking that it was just another one of those nasty soccer games you play for 5 minutes and then quit playing...
- how wrong I was..

My brother got a copy of FIFA96 for his PS1back in 1996, and once we started up an exhibition game - we were hooked

The game is amazing. I love those funny pauses where they show those funny animations of sequences that resemble the ones you had. Like red card, great goal...etc etc.

And the gameplay is awesome. I might be the only one thinking about this, but FIFA96 on the PS1 is one of the best football games ever made.

Good graphics (for its time), great gameplay, fantastic sound fx and music, and an awesome game. What more can I say?

Though if you were in 2008, you'd think its ****