New experience of football

User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA World Class Soccer VITA
FIFA on the handheld console, which is exactly what you expect. Tyler Martin (Martin Tyler) and Alan Smith (Alan Smith) reporting to work are doing the game.The main difference, is the touch screen console PSVita.

This touch screen device to perform various tasks has opened new For example, you can touch a player, just give him a pass. Get the ball exactly the same way is possible. You can also touch on the screen by moving your hand, please send the ball long. This feature makes the right pass to players in the game to give each other more. Shoot down the back of the machine is done with the touch screen.

It should be back in touch PSVita Suppose a gateway. Touch any part of this is considered a point of the gate. After considering the circumstances and the right touch, you can get a great shot. Although shot back with the touch screen seems very interesting, but not great. This great sensitivity and your hands are tied. This makes it very convenient for players who do not.Why you should always keep your hands away from the touch screen back.

It makes you feel more uncomfortable. Of course, if you like, you can disable this feature. Interesting feature that EA Sports has added to this game, because some problems can easily remain useless.Pass and shoot, not only things that can be done by the touch PSVita. In defense, players can choose your preferred time to move him toward the opponent. In general, PSVita version of FIFA games are very similar to the console and the only difference is the touch screen device. This game is supposed to be in the month of February to the market.