Excellent game overall. Great for any1 who likes soccer even remotely. TOp sports game made.

User Rating: 9.5 | FIFA Soccer 2005 XBOX
FIFA 2005, in my mind, is the best sports game made to date. And i don't just say this because i happen to luv soccer. It's the only sports game that I have actually completed, and for good reason. The career mode (15 years journey) starts of with you picking the team of your choice. In the beginning you are limited to the weaker teams as you aren't well-known yet as a manager. As you progress and hopefully win titles, more and more titles will want you, and you will be able to pick any team. Tjis took me about 5 seasons. The controls are good and the 1st touch control is amazing. Its realistic with good graphics and the through-ball system is very effective. You can purchase or sell players to build your dream team- your budget increases with victories. The only ( and i mean ONLY) bad thing is that you rarely get red cards even if you slide tackle from behind, which is cheap in multiplayer. Overall an outstanding game.