While it lacks in gameplay and interface and maybe some AI and graphics quirks the game is worth playing providing 30 h

User Rating: 8 | FIFA Soccer 2005 PC
Fifa saga it's just a "money-maker":EA sports recieve a humongous amount of money,that's why this game intrigued me to be honest i wanted to test it's "saga proprieties and qualities" and it truly deserves the title of sequel.EA did a great job filling me with joy that lasted almost a month,after I deleted the game like nothing was happened.

gameplay:Well if considering that the most of the game is focused on this fact respectively team-based it really acted good,the players move and act very well,there's a superb voice acting of the narrators,it's really an outstanding way to explain to the world what really means team-based tough sometimes the goals scored by you are incredibly lame and the animations sometime are ridiculous.The menu is very unfriendly with the users,you have to scroll around a lot to figure out how to change a damn resolution.....and what a surprise the section where this crap is located is called "my fifa 2005",lame,no?And really pissed me off.So far so good, I think.

Like the previous games it features role-playing elements but they are very complicated and sometimes it really sup all the fun of playing the game,to be short it's too strategical but the core gameplay it's awesome and it doesn't have a steep learning curve,it's pretty easy to get used with the controls and figure out your strategy for the next match.

Well,you can do a lot of stuff in this game like buying special equipment,creating a character from inch to inch what i mean is that you can customize it's chin,nose,face,hair and stuff......oh!I've almost forgot to say that you can even watch some commercials from EA and EA sports,too dumb sometimes but they're fun to watch.

Graphics:Personally I play the game on a resolution of 1024X768 plus all the graphic details turned on maximum and snap!!THEY ARE AMAZING!The reflections,the weather effects despite maybe the poor animations on background,all the spectates look like one pixel and that disappointed me a lot.EA could work a lot more on this but considering that they must release a FIFA game every year and they don't have too much time to finish all the job I think this mistake could be forgot....I think.

Overall:Fifa 05 delivers frustration and joyness at the same time and it shouldn't be missed anyway,it's a lot of fun to play it and upgrading your team and stuff.