FIFA 2005 is a great fast paced game of soccer and is perhaps the best traditional sports game for the N-Gage.

User Rating: 8 | FIFA Soccer 2005 NGE
FIFA 2005 for the N-Gage is similar to the Game Boy Advance version. The menus and presentation are the same, and so are the gameplay modes, including Challenge, Career, and Competition. The graphics and music are also very much, if not the same, as the GBA version of the game. One added feature is the ability to save replays.

By default, the half length is set to 2 minutes of real time, so the game lends itself to quick games. The default game speed is much more fast paced than in real life, and regardless of the difficulty settings, it's not too difficult to score goals. Through balls and aerial crosses will find targets much more frequently than in the PC version of the game. It's also not too difficult to take your striker and shake off defenders on a run to the goal, and take a quality shot.

The control scheme isn't too difficult to use. Holding down 4 makes your player sprint, 5 tackles and shoots, 6 performs a through pass, 7 is for regular passing or changing your active player, and 8 is used for lob passes and sliding tackles. You can also perform a 1-2 pass by holding down the pass key.

FIFA 2005 is great fast paced game of soccer for the N-Gage, and is perhaps the best traditional sports game available for the console.