An good soccer game

User Rating: 8.3 | FIFA Football 2004 GC
This is a must have soccer game for any soccer fans out there. It is a great game that takes soccer to a new level that FIFA 03. The player's teams are updated, and there are plenty of teams and players. There are staduims with custom chants too.
There are four gameplay modes. Career, tournement, practice, and play now. Career is where you manage a team for up to 5 seasons. There are hundereds of teams from about 15 leagues plus national teams. The career mode is very indepth. It allows you to control the training aspects of you team, as well as who plays where. You can also adjust the formation your team plays in and who takes free kicks an corners. At the end of a season you will be rewarded for your victories (league, league cup, and other tournements) or punished for your defeats (relagation). You will be awarded/deducted points from your total based on the goals you meet. You can use points to train players or to make transfers. This is the mode where you will spend most of your time. In tournement mode, you can play through all the tourenment in the game except the Champions League. That made me kinda mad. There is also a practice mode which is great for new players. You can pratice your free kick taking and corner kick taking skills in practice mode. You can also play practice games. Its good to start here and then go to other modes. In free play mode you can play any team v. any team in any of the stadiums in the game. There are plenty of stadiums that look very realistic.
The gameplay is great. The frame rate never slows down and load times are short. The menus are easy to navigate too.

The players look good, but sometimes look genaric. The stadiums look great with the exception of the fans. The net moves realistically when you score a goal. The ball physics are good and the players look natural when running with the ball.

The sound is good overall. The chants are a good edition to the game, and they make the game more realistic. The commentary sometimes gets repetitive, but it is accurate with what is happening during the actual game. The music that goes with the menus is great too. There are realistic sounds that go with tackles too.

The game is really cheap right now becuase it is two years old. It is still a great game for those of you on a budget.