a good game and easy to play

User Rating: 7.5 | FIFA Football 2004 PC
This is the only FIFA that I have played a lot. The game itself isn’t very fast paced but being slow also gives you a bit more time to devise in game strategies. At semi-pro level, any kick from outside the D into the corner of the net always earns a goal so your opposition should never be a problem, infact if you’re good at it, you can score a goal just using your goal keeper. The real fun begins at higher levels, professional and world class where initially you’ll spend less time with the ball and more chasing your rivals, though shouldn’t be problem for FIFA fans =D.

The game features many football leagues and all their clubs including your favorite players, though not all of them have original looks e.g. Ronaldo never looked like that, did he now? The graphics and player details are below average and up-close you’ll find many players to have hair problems, lol. The in-game commentary is boring and very soon you’ll start hearing the same comments again and again, so its better if you focus on your game and less on the commentary. The game also features online play, sadly I never tried that. ;_;