Fun, but lacks depth

User Rating: 8.6 | FIFA Soccer 2003 PS2
A terrific game, i still play it this year with my friends as it is just absolutely fun with a friend.
The game modes are basic and need a spark, the gameplay is fast smooth and the freestyle controls are useless. There is no create a mode which is a let down.
The sound is terrific, from the crowd chants building up in noise to a goal or screaming in shock at a bad slide tackle. It is the best aspect of the game, with the exciting commentating.
There is a large variety of teams, both international and the national clubs, but no international playoffs or tornament which would be fun
It just seemed to pose no extreme challenge to me, even when first buying it and knowing the basic controls only.
Fifa 2003 can get boring in the long run, but the terrific atmosphere makes it one game that you cannot avoid easily when playing with friends.