FIFA 2003 is probably the best of the FIFA series.

User Rating: 9 | FIFA Football 2003 PC
FIFA is a game series well known for its quality, which is not only proven, but it is hymned with FIFA 2003 which deserves the title of a complete soccer game.

In FIFA 2003 you can choose from a wide variety of 450 teams and 12.000 players, huge numbers really. The advantage of the game is that almost everything is authentic and licensed.

The interfaces of the game are not that complex, and more user-friendly. Now there are more options, most interesting of them the custom team creation.

Another interesting feature is the freestyle control of the ball, which allows you to trick every defender in no time.

The graphics are very good, but they could be better. And the commentary is amazing.

FIFA 2003 is the soccer sim you were waiting for. While it is an old game, it still has a lot to give to the fans of the FIFA series.