The cover suppose to have Roberto Carlos and say football not SOCCER

User Rating: 9 | FIFA Football 2003 PC
This game is one of the best games to buy in terms of QUALITY football.

You can play in the world cup tournmant, play club football. seasonal football, alot of differant modes!

I initially brought this game in Britain because of Roberto Carlos stood on the cover and being from the Americas - I just required a new Brazilian legend!

What is there to say, looking at all the other consequentive game - non can compete with this has it just too good to be true.

The commentary, living in Britain, is remarkable. It nevers lost its awe up until you have Crysis becoming a unique threat to the commentary!

More so, the atmosphere is so creatative, that you may ask yourself why you have British girls wanting a taste of ya!

I love this game and I expect this game should go down in the Halls of Fame of the Americas! Its so good that the Columbians would die to have a piece of this beautiful game! ( Columbians meaning those Columbians! )

The reason why this game won't receive full marks is because of the lack of commentary aurrounding Club Americas football players

Anyway, buy it at your own risk...