well well well yet another soccer game

User Rating: 5.3 | FIFA Soccer 2003 PS2

Well, well, well. Yet another soccer game from EA Sports(ITS IN THE GAME!, w/e that means.). Well sir ive played I dont know how many soccer games but since I berely got the PS2 I have to say that this is the GREATEST GAME EVER!!! Oh man it is so real! I mean wow! Ive played World Cup 98 on the N64 and WC 2002 on the PSX and nothing is compared to this! First of all great graphics. The players look so real. Second of all, a understanding control. And last of all, A REASONABLE PRICE. Heh heh. Well let me tell you more about this game...
Ever played AUF? Have you seen the way EA Games designs the people. They look so real. The soccer players in FIFA 2K3 look exactly like James Bond and other chartacters. So yeah thats a good starter. Then the stadiums look so kool. I mean kool. Each stadium has its own chant. My favorite is Valencia! Valencia! So kool. Gameplay is kinda hard. The control is weird because you have to aim at the goal really good. Also if you leave that O button pressed for more than 2.50 seconds you will fly the ball away. Ans then the lobs arent automatic like other soccer games. Its like real soccer. Firts player to get to it. I think ive only scored 1 goal from a lob. I love the replay cameras. There so kool. 3 diffrent kinds of cameras. And all great. The bookings are good. I havent gotten a red (yet) but they are fair. I like playing a game where theres a foul and when there showing the replay and i guess if its no card, red or yellow. Once I said red and I got it right. I also liked the two languages thingy. English and Se Habla Español. LOL. Im Mexican American so I have mexiacan cousins. Unlike WC 98 It has a lot of languages but only for the options. FIFA 2003 has spanish commentators. But there from Spain so I dont understand that good. I wish that FIFA 2003 had a world cup. And it doesnt have one =(. I like that it has MLS in it because I lobe USA. My fav teams are USA and Germany. I liked Mexico too but they kinda sucked. Alright I wrote enough.
Dude the best graphic ever! Like I said EA is a Graphics freak so yeah there awesome. Players never break away. Really great graphics.
Sound was great but I dont like the idea of EA trax. It had Avril Lavigne! Ewww... How about some Audioslave EA? Or AFI? Or Disturbed? Huh? Huh? The stadium sounds were extraordinary and the commentators rocked. I think im gonna play another friendly match... see ya!