A Great game for anybody who just wants to play soccer.

User Rating: 7.5 | FIFA Football 2003 PC
A great game for anybody who just wants to play soccer. The number of teams that they let you play with is great. You can play with a european powerhouse or a team that you never heard of from Korea. The only problem is that they have a lot of stadiums to choose from. They might have about 20 which is pretty bad. I mean they should have a whole lot of stadiums that are real since they have so many teams. I have played college football games that have over 50 stadiums! Anyway the gameplay is pretty good but you have to keep pressing one button to view your best options. Sometimes your the one with really good drives and you get turned down however when they do the exact same thing they get a goal. It is not a very hard game but it can be cheap at times. Tournament mode is good too, but is pretty basic. In season Mode they should give more roster options. It is overall a good game but could use more stadiums and features.