this is one of the funnest games i have evr played

User Rating: 6 | FIFA 2002 PS2
This is one of the funnest games I have ever played. EA sports always gets the job done. Between Fifa and Madden its all you really need. Fifa is starting to pick it up. It has vastly improved since Fifa 2001. I believe it is better then Fifa 2003. There are some minor flaws though that make the game very disapointing and frustrating. Overall this is one of my favorite games.
The game play is pretty decent with the new passing mode. The passing mode makes the game so much better then Fifa 2001. You can lead the pass curve your shots and basically do whatever you want. Some of the disapointing flaws are that when u make through pass your player doesnt always go for it. He jsut stops there, and you cant always switch to him. WHen the cpu lob passes it down feild and you go up for the header with your sweeper you almost always lose the header and your sweeper falls over and they have a one on one with the goalee. Sometime so the cpu will make a through pass and your defenders will sit there and watch them. The cpu can also go offsides alot. When you are winning by a goal or two the cpu makes the game unfair. They do things you arent able to do and make your players worst to even the score. That is one of the biggest flaws that frustrates me the most when i am going for the big shutout.
The graphics are decent. I usually play with and overhead far away cam so that i can see the whole feild and put some stategy into the game and actually see where I am passing it so the graphics aretn that big of a deal. The feild and stadiums look pretty good while the players are a little shakey.
The sound isnt the best. you dont really hear alot of the feild sounds you actually here in a real soccer game.