The game is EA rubbish and should had been called Fifa 12.5. If you are not a soccer junkie do now waste your time

User Rating: 5.5 | FIFA Soccer 13 PC
There is nothing particular new compared to Fifa 12. It just feels like a new version of Fifa 12 and not a sequel. I am sure EA just released this for taking cash from the multiple soccer junkies of Europe that they buy anything that has to do with the current sport...

The exclusion of single online matches is stupid from EA and who ever decided it should get a punch in the face as they have ruined my fave fifa 12 game mode have no clue why EA would think to get rid of single player matches completely and replace it with seasons. A smaller version of the H2H version , which is not needed for FUT , but if they were going to include make it another game mode of FUT so having tourneys , divisions and single online match.

Note: The PC version also is full with glitches and feels like a cheap console port