FIFA 12 Part 2

User Rating: 1 | FIFA Soccer 13 WII
This game, other than a different soundtrack and updated rosters, is EXACTLY like FIFA 12 for the Wii. Well not exactly, in FIFA 12 you could save multiple cities to the same console where that seems to have been disabled in this one as well. Dissappointing and ridiculous to say the least. Where do we go from here when a software developer thinks selling a title as poor as this for $50 is okay? I wrote them an e-mail insisting they make it right.
Why is no one review sight bringing this up? This is another concern of mine. Shame on you for neglegence which allows a company to get away with something like this! Aren't you supposed to inform gamers about things such as this??
I know the Wii is on it's last legs but I don't see that as an excuse to rob the consumer in this way. I want to see some action, seriously!