one small step for EA, 3 steps back for the games player update 100% broken

User Rating: 2.5 | FIFA 13 X360
This year EA sports have decided to rip us all off (AGAIN) with another roster update.... a bit of polish here and there on presentation screens and a little mini game pre match game along with a few fixs and changes in game-play is all your getting here. Thats the step forward.

First of all and i don't understand can you have exactly the same game and then reproduce the same game to have frame rate issues? Seriously did you put this bug in so that you can say you have made improvements to the game for FIFA14?

Game-play is more realistic and shows some good ideas but the problem is they have failed to execute these ideas in a way that works, so how do they make this work? Well they make everything automated which kills the game-play.

The game is unbalanced with the CPU turning in some plays that make even the best teams in the world look rubbish specially on higher settings, players often become injured (7 in one game) CPU always has a unfair advantage on 50/50 balls and 99% of the time in air, this becomes frustrating when the CPU knocks the ball in the air and scores with header after header time after time. These can be toned down in the customisation for player and CPU settings, but that is no excuse for the default settings.

A few nice tweaks here and there in career mode, but apart from that the game is basically Fifa 12 with the impact engine sightly less broken.

I still find that FIfa 11 is still the best and most balanced football game out there, Fifa 13 is more realistic but in a broken way, which is down to lazy work by EA. Pes is a alternative but still has major issues that keep Fifa on top, Hopefully someone will create a football game to relegate these two games into the lower leagues but until then it looks like Fifa is the game to play.

UPDATE: The game is broken so badly its unplayable so i have changed it to 2.5 out of 10