Best FIFA game, many tweaks, new stuff, MUST HAVE!

User Rating: 10 | FIFA 13 PS3
Before I start, I must mention that I have played FIFA for many years, and THIS FIFA 13 is by far THE BEST FIFA GAME.

-New First Touch,
-New Skills
-Tweaked Shots
-Performance Tweak

Fifa 13 is not video game, It's more like football simulation and we can not expect huge improvements every year.

First Touch improvement from this year has made FIFA game a lot more fun. In previous FIFA years, first touch was very basic e.g all players were catching ball the same way, but now Physics mean Bussines. Almost all first touch player reactions are different, every pass is different.

Tweaked Shots. E.G -> In Fifa 12 Curved Ball R1+O shot was overpowered, now it's tweaked, you can still score but harder, now it has improved realism.

New skills are inspired by FIFA STREET, check youtube for more info.