Absolutely sensational

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 13 X360
Fifa 13 is by far the best football game ever made so far. The graphics are very very good infact they are spectacular. The players in particular look real, if you do not look properly you will think that its real. I love the player selection and its very vast and i also like creating my own player its so fun. The stadiums also look like what they are like in real life. I love the new dribbling skills and techniques particularly Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who are the two best players in the world. I love the gameplay and the feel of the players running is so realistic and each one's individual style of playing is like how they really play in real life. A few things which could be improved is the back heel passes, and i also wish you could give a back heel shot to score a goal just like how Cristiano Ronaldo really did it, and also the bicycle kicks should be done more often and they should be easier to perform. The last and final improvement which it needs baldly is a more realistic and more improved commentary, i found the commentary repeative and boring and also they don't commentate as if they are really enjoying the match, they just sound like they are reading something from a book. Once all these minor issues are resolved, i will not hesitate in giving 10/10 as it is a magnificent game overall.