Bugs, crashes and difficulty spike has hampered an otherwise a solid new entry to the series

User Rating: 7.5 | FIFA Soccer 13 PC
It's hard to make video games that are destined to be released the same time every year, as the development is so congested. But still, there are so many issues with FIFA that aren't being fixed, even with FIFA 13.

Let's start up with the good part, FIFA 13 still looks really nice. This is probably due to the current generation's power has peaked and the engine still haven't shown its age. Popular players have very realistic modelling and stadiums looks great

Gameplay has been tweaked as well, first touched control means it is no longer just pass and sprint, it depends on the player to hold the ball. Ball control has been modified as well, makes the players easier to control over tighter space.

Manager Mode has been improved as well, clubs are much more eager to splash the cash to land players. If you reject offers from clubs, clubs will make a more aggressive and higher bid to land your players.

Here's comes the bad part, I mentioned crashes. PC version of 13 crashes a lot more frequently than others. I usually have this problem at the splash screen, where I stuck at the Messi's page most of the time. And then once or twice the game will crash during gameplay.

Difficulty spike is also a problem faced by FIFA year after year of release. One instance, you can play against Real Madrid on professional or higher difficulties and score 7 or 8 goals against them. Then play another match against a lower-tiered team and they will play even better than Barcelona.

In essence, FIFA 13 is a great game, but is marred by previously unfixed problems.