Best EA Fifa Game Great Commentary Although it need some improvements in Gameplay Sector.Keep Going EA.Great Job :)

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 13 PS3
i have played every fifa game and its the best ...its far better the pes2013..... great job by ea sports ....although it needs some improvemnts and more options like playing as a referee and new kits after every season.....hoping to seee new options and improvemnts in future fifa games....the best soccer game so far...There are some glitches in gameplay hoping that to be fixed and waiting for new commentary team as well :P Overall Awesome Game to Good Graphics ANd good gameplay ANd i love the career mode it was pretty much improved and good as comapred to fifa 12 and i also notice some alterations in gameplay for fifa 13 from fifa 12.Still playing it till fifa 14....There should also be real interactions of players in field as well with the referee and real time aggressions of players...the expressions of managers player should be abl to change club in career mode i some how missed it in fifa 13..Great Game for Great Soocer Fans.