Same old same old!

User Rating: 3.5 | FIFA 13 X360
Well where do i start with FIFA 13? Its just the same as FIFA 12! Same old career mode, same old game, next to no new features and just with the updated teams and transfers! When are people going to stop wasting their hard earned cash on this franchise when there are next to no new features on each one? EA sports could easily just release an update which has the new transfers, adds new leagues and has the teams getting relegated and promoted and get it set when the new season starts. I persoanlly would love to see a completely different footballing experience from EA sports, and an experience that is more authentic for example have the ability to dive and con the referee into awarding you a penalty, and also be able to fight with other players, and surround the referee trying to convince him to change his mind!

I will admit that online play can be fun in moderation, and it feels quite awesome when you're playing as shamrock rovers and you beat youre opponent 8-0 who is playing as real madrid and spamming Cristiano Ronaldo, but at the end of the day its just the same thing as always and if youre looking for a new gaming experience, steer clear!