One of the biggest points of gaming is to get a certain feel that you're in control, in this game, you come a bit short

User Rating: 7 | FIFA 13 PS3
Oh my God, where should I even start? EA should literally burn in hell. I wish I'd done more research on which game to get between FIFA 13 and PE3 13. I think one of the main reason I got FIFA was because I was bored at home and it was right there on PSN ready to be purchased and I didn't feel like driving to gamestop. What a horrible game. First of all, you get welcomed with an unnecessarily complicated UI that's hard to navigate and overloaded with a bunch of unneeded crap, and what a disappointment, the team selection screens are arranged by leagues, and not every country in actual FIFA made the cut for this game. If you're not American or from the bigger more popular countries you'd be disappointed when you find out your team or country isn't in the game.
Let's talk gameplay. Unless you spend hours tweaking the settings and computer assistance levels, you're going to find yourself not being in control of your game. Regardless of how much experience you have in FIFA, this game will have you scratching your head a few times and wondering what went wrong. Certain players you'd think are great or should be great in the game are somewhat lacking. Leonard Messy is really a disappointment and Barcelonia is your favorite team, you'd also find yourself sad. The gameplay is just really bad and screwed up and this game seems like it was rushed and wasn't ready to release when it did. 7/10 and I still feel that's generous.