FIFA13 may have some modifications over 12,but AI is made 2 intelligent,esp. d attackers,making defenders look like dumb

User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA Soccer 13 PC
When i started playing it,i thought it's 2 good,,but as d time passed,i realized that it's d poor cousin of FIFA 12,,a game i loved playing for hours,,,,,,d worst thing about FIFA 13 r-attackers r given supreme powers=some1 like me,,who relied on his defense(in 12) looks like dumb while playing it,,,,,+ even small players like walcott,can beat sum1 like hummels or pique n head d ball inside net(they hav never done that in real life),,,,+ offsides r not as stringent,,,,+ some players r 2 over-rated,,,,+ AI beats ur ass off(esp when they are a goal down n only 10 minutes are left)
Inspite of all this,,there r some + points=new manager mode(u can take international jobs,,can ask for a counter fee,,swap players),,new skills(quite attractive),,,good arena.......
For me,,,FIFA 13 is a big disappointment,cause i expected much more from EA!!!!!!!!!