A really good game, if it doesn't CRASH A LOT!!!

User Rating: 7.5 | FIFA Soccer 13 PC
EA finally released FIFA 13. Of course, the gameplay will be like FIFA 12. But what do you expect for a football/soccer game? Messi carrying a gatling gun? Anyway, EA has made some new features like the first touch thing and some improvements to career mode. That's at least what I could tell you about this game. I'd love to add more things to this review. But why I didn't just do it then? Not because I'm too lazy to do reviewing. But I just can't get deeper into this game because THIS CRASH A LOT! At least for my PC. But everytime I want to start the match, it crash. I found the solution. But everytime I want to go to main menu after match, it crash again and I can't find the solution. I know if this sounds like a bug report or something but I'm just telling you what kind of crash you would find. You may not experience any crashes I got and you may rate it 8.0 or more. But for me, it's currently 7.5. And maybe you would want to buy a joystick for this game. Football/soccer games would be hard to play without it.