Once again, EA sports somehow makes this game better than it's predecessor.

User Rating: 9.5 | FIFA Soccer 13 PC
It's back. FIFA 12 was one of my favorite games of last year, and I thought it was the best sports game of the year. Earlier this year, EA Sports released another soccer game; even though it's $60.00, it's well worth the price.

The first thing that is striking about the game is it's graphics. Now, the graphics aren't that improved compared to FIFA 12, but I don't really know how they can get much better. The stadiums look fantastic, still, the faces of the players could use a finishing touch. It would also be great if the crowd could get an graphical enhancement as they are just 2-D cardboard-cutouts like last year.

While FIFA 13 isn't revolutionary, it still brings some new features to the series. No longer will every player dish out excellent passes or drill long shots into the top corner. This is could be dangerous and is a game-changer. Thankfully, it's for the better. The unpredictablity adds a massive amount of realism to the game even though it can be frustrating losing the ball from a poor pass, at least for casual players. This really makes you think on who to play for certain situations. A certain player may also have difficulties controlling the ball while airbourne and lose possession. This causes the game to be slower-paced in a way, but it's a part of soccer. Last year, the Impact Engine was added to the game; tackles were extremely realistic and players colliding was life-like. However, the Impact Engine was not without it's glitches, as players would glitch in the air and such. Surprisingly, I've found no glitches in the 35 hours I've played. Also last year, Tactical Defending was added to enhance the defensive system where standing tackles and slide tackles were two different buttons; as well as other defence improvements. This year, dribbling was improved to make the player feel like they have full control on the movement of the ball when they have it. EA did a good job of completing that. AI has also been improved to react to your strategies and style. The AI adds physicality and makes the game more fast-paced. Overall, I think that FIFA 13 is still fun and has come a long way in the past years.

The audio has been improved as well. The crowd is much more engaged to the game and it's very satisfying to her the crowd cheer as you score for your home side. The commentary still sometimes repeats the same lines over and over, but it has been enhanced to make the commentary feel like the soccer you see on TV.

FIFA 13 has the best controls of any soccer game around. Dribbling improvements have now giving you full control over how you are going to deke your opponments. The passing is spot-on and placing your shot on net has never been easier.

FIFA 13 has a lot of content. Ultimate Team, Be-A-Pro and Global Leagues are all still there. Manager Mode is also back for those who like to play seasons and look at statistics. A small new addition are skill games. These take place when the match is loading and give you a chance to practice on things like passing, free kicks, crossing, etc. This isn't anything mind-blowing, but it's a very cool addition to the game.

+Stunning Graphics
+Excellent Controls
+Impact Engine has been corrected
+Better AI
+Improved Audio
+Replay Value

-Not Revolutionary
-Cardboard Crowds

Overall, FIFA 13 is worth the $60.00 and more. If you want a sports game to keep you playing or just interested in general, this game is a must buy.