Why EA servers are always are out of services?!

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Every day we have this problem with online fifa ultimate team 13. We paid some money for this staff 50 euro and we haven't all game services! We have to do something about it because EA help desk dont fix this problem! https://www.facebook.com/patchfifa http://membersfun.blogspot.gr/2012/10/lets-do-something-about-ea-servers-on.html
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I love the game but it is one serious mess..  Between my UT auctioned players getting stuck in limbo for days on end to the game crashing after every other match, its a mess and they better fix it soon or Im going to find another game to play..

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Its pathetic.  This is the last time I will be purchasing an EA Sports product.

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Im having issues with the game freezing on me. it happened many times while playing UT.

I love the game and im really addicted to it but its really frustrating to restart your PS3 every and each game.

I haope they release a patch to fix this

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Because EA like taking all the monies but they sure as hell don't like spending/investing any. Imagine a dusty old broom cupboard with a red hot server, every now and then someone has to go hit it with a hammer to reset it. That's why!