Want help regarding FIFA 13 User and CPU Gameplay Customization Settings

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I am really fed up with all these settings of FIFA 13.. I want to know in detail about every User & CPU Gameplay Customization Settings of FIFA 13.... 1. What is User Gameplay Customization Setting? 2. What is CPU Gameplay Customization Setting? 3. What settings are best to play as a Professional? I plays as a 2 multiplayer game with my bro, please tell me the best slider settings to come up with FIFA 13..!! Please Help me Mine Settings are @ - http://bit.ly/fifa_settings
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Hey, you all, I Got the Answer after the experimenting & experimenting.... with random settings in FIFA 13...!! Here are they (I've tried it on [Semi Pro, Professional & hope it should also work on other levels]) - User/CPU: Sprint Speed - 60/44 Acceleration - 60/46 Shot Error - 53/53 Pass Error - 55/57 Shot Speed - 50/50 Pass Speed - 56/56 Injury Frequency - 80/80 Injury Severity - 50/50 Goalkeeper Ability - 50/46 Positioning: Marking - 90/90 Positioning: Run Frequency - 60/60 Positioning: Line Height - 50/50 Positioning: Line Length - 40/40 Positioning: Line Width - 40/40 Positioning: Fullback Positioning - 60/60 Power Bar - 56/- Still experimenting...
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When i play any game mode of Fifa 13 the cpu takes control over my team at random times by either passing, diving, changing my formation to an offside trap., and shooting Why is this happening its happened before when i first got it but then it went back to normal
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if u know hw 2 play football a little bit, u just low the cpu/ur opponent team settings to 40/45 both only sprint & accelaration (any mode). if u don't, make it 40 for evrey option n ur powerbar to 60 {any mode} n the rest of ur settngs r at default.
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FIFA has so many faul & unrealistic decisions of referee in gameplay. it's fully like shit n those who play soccer r realy hate that. but all other aspect is good. u can't do anything, fifa is lke dat. now PES is doing good. u may choose either...it;s pathetic no good enough football game has been published..we don't have enough option.