tell me how to...

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defend. how do you guys defend... do u jockey or contain or do u hold the sprint button constantly

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when i get the answer to that question i will let you know because i can't seem to keep a clean sheet to save my self

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it depends on how you get attacked... if they are passing a lot very fast, get in the line of passing, if it's some dipsh*t using neymar to dribble even when there's no-there, just go straight to him from the opopsite direction he is heading that way when he sees you coming and he does his fancy dribling he will run in to you...  try to measure your oposition the first few minutes, most people have very strong "vices" when playing, some don't like to center the ball from the wing and always try to play the ball through the middle, well then make him do what he doesn't like to... position yourself between him and the center run, so he has to options, go to the side end, or try to drible around you, most of the time this kind of player will just bump into the defender while trying to cut to the middle... if the case is the other way around, if you see he always goes for the deep end high ball to the box then be ready to sprint and then tackle... and so on, it's just a matter to adapt to the situation... trust me, im not a great player, but i've mantained myself on the first season for quite a long now and i have a full mexican squad, wich has mostly high silvers and low golds... my only over 80 player is Javier Hernandez (82)... using this aproach i've managed to beat people with top  players squads like van persie, rooney, suarez, etc etc

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wow:D but my main issue is that when i try to jockey with l2 and r2 my opponent just runs past me without me doing anything.. when i do contain with x button its still the same my player doesnt take the ball from the opposition. even though i have tried to practice anticipating  CUP passing lines with running between attacker and the player who has  the ball ,  the ball somehow manage to reach the target.. like i dont know which buttons do what. for example which button cuts the ball when opposition pass the ball. or how do i take the ball from opponent. anytime i press circle button my player miss the tackle and when i try to cover my mistake with defender I press X which is contain button. But containing doesnt get me anywhere my all players just playes themselves out of position. so what is the best way to take the ball away and which button that would be.. even though i play on wc difficulty and have won 2 seasons of possible 3 i have to score at least 3-4 goals / match to win. I dont have anyproblems with attacking but defending is difficult. for example i dont how in the hell CUP always anticipate my passing and manage to drag defenders or midfielders leg  to cut the pass. 

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Containing is only good if they are trying to fancy dribble past one of your defenders. I would suggest letting one of you're defenders contain while you mark an opposition player who the other guy might pass to. This is good if you can anticipate what they are going to do. One final thing, if they make a break, don't get your defender to run at the attacker, run towards goal as doing this will provide more chance of him making a mistake or if not, he will have to shoot past your defender as well. Hope this helped ;)