(PS3) Fifa Pro Club Recruiting

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I am starting my own pro club on FIFA 13 because I am sick of the inactive clubs that I join. As of now all positions except for mine (RW/RM) are currently available. If you wish to join either add Cpt_Van_Riper on the PS3 or post below the following information;


PS3 Name:







Thank you,

Van Riper

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Hey I'm up for it

PS3 Name: Chris_Joyce

Position(s): I'd be happy with anything in mid field

Mic?: I have one for the PC - I assume it works for the PS3, so maybe

Timezone: I'm in New Jersey - so eastern time zone

Let me know.

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Looking For Players To Join 'Pro Clubs XL' Looking for any Type of Players Got a CAM Just add me on PS3 My Name is itoddy_x you don't need a mic but you have to be aged above 13 Please! Message me where you wanna play and ill accept you into the club!
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