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Hello my name is Mirel and i am from Romania,recently my account got hacked and EA is doing nothing about it.Long story short : i worked for 2 months to be able to get Fifa for my PS3 wich was given by a friend who passed away.i love football and i love fifa but the recent problem left me hanging.i have no coins,no players only bronze and it's really hard to build something and start from scratch with 0 coins,my contracts expired. I beg someone ,anywone with some spare coins that can help me to do it ,i am will be very grateful.i cannot even use the ps3 service since it is unavailable in Romania.Any ammount is welcome.I know you guys work very hard for them and i will apreciate it if you do this service for me to help me start my team again. Thank you guys for reading and best of luck on the football field. I know it is my first post but i dont know where else i can get some help.
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Typical gipsy ... cant be bothered to do anything to advance in life, always begging for others to contribute with sob stories. Freaking play matches and earn coins or create a new team and start from the scratch for gods sake. Or come to UK, get on benefits (thats what all those lazy gipsies do) and u'll have enough money to play fifa and buy coins on ebay. Damn u all gipsies !