No more fifa player manager mode?

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Hello, as the title says, i wasn't able to find the option of being a player manager. Did EA remove this for fifa 13?
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yes it still is there, going into career were you should find player manager and manager mode

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Please elaborate, when i go into career i can only choose between Player Career and Manager Career.
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In that case you have to choose Player Career because it says you can manage the team

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Yea but only after you retire as a player, so you cannot be a player and a manager at the same time?
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or ok didn't realize

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Yes, they removed it.

The guy in charge of re-designing the mode wanted to add more "RPG-ish" elements to the mode, but basically said it was too tough to make player-manager mode make sense from a story perspective (such as, how Mr. Manager is proud of Mr. Manager's play in the cup final, and is considering picking Mr. Manager for the national team).

He followed that up by saying player-managers were extremely uncommon in the modern game anyhow (Anelka is the only one to do it recently).

Pretty lame excuses, I know.  I was a big fan of player-manager mode myself.

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It surely ruined it for me.  I'm not appealed to play offline anymore. 

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Thats crap news as i hate not being able to manage and play with my pro at the same time. For instance in player career its a pain in the ass to get high ratings for my player or even play a decent part of the game as i keep getting subbed early in the second half and even though i may have scrored a hat trick or more the player rating is hardly ever high enough until the 70 minute mark to get man of the match etc. If i was a plyer manager it could decide how the team is run and when to sub. i hate the lack of control of the team. Bring back player manager mode!

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I have to say removing the player manager mode in Fifa 13 has totally ruined the game for me. I loved Fifa 11 and 12 but they really made a mistake with the now boring career options. In the player mode there just isn't enough to keep me interested and in the manager mode I miss the enjoyment of seeing my player do well. What total idiot thought it would be an improvement to take out the player manager mode, how in hell does that make any sense at all. The guys who made Fifa 13 need to take a long hard look at themselves, if it isn't brough back for Fifa 14 then it's of to PES for me.
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I hate fifa 13 now totally coz there is no more player manager mode, hate to not being able to manage team while playing with my pro alongside, ea sports, job well done...for removing this awesome feature in fifa 13, wont be buying n playing this game no more, guess i will try pes now on...