Messi transfer demand

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Just started a manager career with real madrid
a few days after beating barcelona in the supercup espana, i see a news item saying: "Messi Transfer Demand Shocker" lol
Never thought I'd see this, especially given how hard it is (nearly impossible) to sign messi in previous CM's 

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I thought the crazy transfers were done for after FIFA 12's insane moves, but I saw kind of the same stuff with Rooney and Real Madrid.. Riiiight..

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Well I play as Inter Milan every 6 months Real, Barca, Man City and Chelsea offer me $60-100 million for my best player 70% of the time it's a player from their team that they let their contact expire. By year 6 I have almost 1 billion in my transfer fund. I have sold them Falcao for $130 million 3x since I started career mode haha. Players stats also go up way too quickly I have a couple mid 70 players that jumped 8+ points in 1 short season