Is this in the full retail game?

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Okay ladies and gentlemen be prepared for this, from earlier posts of mine I have been playing Fifa 13 Early Release.

I have Ashley Cole on the sidelines with an injury, Jeff Shreaves mentions it doesn't look good. The whistle is blown for half time and then the camera focuses on Cole on the sidelines showing he can't continue. It then requests a sub for me to make.

Great, so replace him and come out of the menus and it shows that a sub is about to be made when the camera focuses on one player.

The sub took place but you dont see Cole walking off, it shows replays of events that have occured in the first half but I can't continue!

Now bear in mind the following that this early release may have contained bugs from an earlier version that may have been fixed for the full retail product but this is concerning if its still in there. Chances of it happening are slim but should it do and it's still there then this is a screw up that Fifa have to correct.