Fifa 13 Formation Never Loss update 20/7/2013

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i Win All Match legendary 4-1 5-2 3-0 and 9 match more you need real madrid and in online all match i Win 7-0 6-0 4-1 and 15 match more        Just in defense key change player and pass for you cut all ball and work in fifa 13 ultimate team in auto defense pass and speed and key change player for cut all ball in attack for move speed and key change player if you need Change direction to exceed defender speed and ((RB)) good luck in game if you need win in fifa 13 ultimate team tournament you need make FC Bayern buy all player 1000 to 5000 and make formation 5-3-2 and make all player formation 5-3-2 and all player 3-CM and 3 -CB and 1 LWB and 1 RWB and * and * (( You need change Your RB RWB )) and your manger country germany if you like other Club make it i think will work Something funny your team make it for 20000 to 30000 and see other player have team 2000000 to 3000000 and leave your match for see your team hard and he have robben and cristiano ronaldo my site here Fifa Formation Never Loss Fifa 13 Formation Never Loss [color=#000000]Good Luck all[/color]