Downloaded Early Release, my impressions so far...

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I have it on early release so I am not sure if everyone shares the same experience.

1. Commentary is good, one thing that can be annoying is that on game day if you choose to have other score updates you can Alan McNally constantly interrupting but its a nice additional feature with Jeff Shreaves giving the news on injuries as well.

2. Through balls mean something this time, more open space to get players on the flanks. It can be used tactically to get a forward on his own into space and bring other players in, Custom Tactics of course to suit your needs.

3. I still don't understand why there are not more players going up for corners and free kicks i.e. the option to dictate rather than using set piece option. Might suit others but when defending it used to be more of your player having a one on one battle for ball but this time you have to be careful that the opposite number doesnt beat you to the position and timing of the jump. When playing against each other deliveries can be crucial and possibly exploited but time will tell.

4. CPU does a good job of holding the ball up, you can forget about running into players by pressing one or two at a time, the CPU is far more smarter. For example, remember the times you can get a free chance with the short kick? Well think again the CPU will look to pass it all around this time, thank goodness!

5. Dont under estimate close control, if anyone thinks they just use a burst of speed and get away with it you can forget about it. Even some of the worlds best do it in real life so don't moan Also remember speed of passes, accuracy of shooting and even the one touch control is under customisation settings for both player and CPU so you can tune the game to your liking.

6. Couldn't stop laughing when I moved my wall forward at the freekick, referees can give warnings or bookings.

7. The skill games are fascinating, hard core gamers might find this a waste of time but you will learn a lot from it so the skill games are more like 'skill building'.

8. I haven't really use kinect as I don't see a need but it clearly picked up my foul language as my career with Dortmund has resulted in the board giving me warnings about my behaviour, the commentators mention this in the game as well. Kind of fun but unaffects gameplay from what I can see.

9. Crowd sound much improved, I think they could do with a few more but heck it can please everyone. Being at Anfield feels being at Anfield. There are managers on the sidelines, you see players warming up which is a nice addition.

10. There are players that go down too easily and freekicks are given but there are cases I have seen the referee not give it.

11. The quick free kicks and throw ins? 100% improved, much fluid in movement and see smart players run for the ball, kick it to the player on the free kick spot and carry on from there.

Overall the feel is much better, I think polishing the last game is better for now that trying to recode it, every game I have played so far, it has been from dominance to being under the cosh, end to end, it does seem to have a variety.

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Okay in addition to my first post, here are a couple of other things that I have noticed.

- Brought out my goalkeeper with a one on one situation, he was outside the box when he saved his shot. Now here is the thing, you can tell that the game recognise it was a handball because of the play on symbol on the top right assuming the ball might go in. Instead it was wide of the goal and the corner was given instead. Unsure if this is a 50/50 type call on handballs with goalkeepers or a missed opportunity from EA.

- Kinect voice recognising foul language, well lets just say theres a pro and con. It definately knows when your language gets bad as it even reports in the game. Well my career with Dortmund has just finished because the board got upset with my "behaviour". Well that can't be right because swearing is a norm in football now and secondly I didn't even say any foul language, just a tap on my knee when something when against me. I suppose you will think about switching off the option for this in Kinect, a bit silly from EA from my opinion.

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nice review. Do you have any difficulties playing Seasons mode? Mine always wants to connect to EA Servers and is not able to connect somehow.
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dawn getting my activation key on the 28th can't wait

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To be honest I don't know because I haven't tried it yet, sorry. More things i have noticed in the game... - Commentators do bring up talk about new players and you as a Coach from time to time, recent results etc, following up on Fifa 12 and it has been tuned to be a bit more accurate and not too repetitive. - One beef with Career Mode as I did have with previous Fifa games, transfers. Once again it seems that you can make quite a few big purchases but at least this time you will have to sell good players in order to finance big transfers. - One new thing is the Enquiry mode, might save you time when trying to make bids which end up being a waste because the teams instantly reject, the negotiations are much simpler and easier to follow, offering guarentees to players for first team football help sign players. - You can also offer a player as a swap deal with money of course, nice little addition. - Option to stall on offers waiting for other transfers to kick in to bring more money. The Board give about 85% of the transfer fee to you to spend from a player you sold. - Scouting I haven't done much of but it does appear they are trying to do the scouting in stages rather than giving a flat list of values and not knowing who the real quality players of the future will be. - After playing 5 matches in Career Mode with Chelsea I have noticed that depending on the team you play they will try new things and not always go for the straight forward approach and repeat it everytime. For example, I decided to play a high line against Wigan and they play balls over the top because they knew Terry wasn't quick. But when playing deeper the CPU attempts to play shorter balls and try to bring you out but of course they are not as skilled as others, it feels that you don't get the same game everytime which is good news. - There is a store or somewhat, I have seen classic kits locked for teams in Fifa, not every team and you use coins to unlock them rather than your own money (at last). - Crowd atmosphere at Stamford Bridge felt good, "Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea" from time to time, crowd get on your back if you play badly. - One thing which I rarely saw if ever in previous Fifa games was when someone was pulling your shirt the referee gave you the option to play on or a free kick. Play the ball through to Walcott with 3 players chasing me and the centre back was pulling me back clearly, the play on sign came on and as soon as I came close to the goal another play caught up and tackled me but the referee pulled it back. Looking at the replay the referee gave me the free kick from the time he was about to blow the whistle, not the moment my shirt was pulled. Not sure how consistent this is but the signs are good.