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So, I created a striker and am very excited about this game. I started out as Houston Dynamo and got transferred to Lazio (haha sorry, I'm just happy to be in Serie A). There's just one problem. I'll be having a very, very good game, scoring 2 or 3 goals (world class), and my player rating will be somewhere in the ballpark of 8.5-9.5, but sometimes about halfway through the match, my rating will start freefalling until I hit about 5.5, and I have to work my way back up and I usually only end up with about 7.5 tops... It's killing the game for me I feel like I'm always in position (but I guess not according to the game) but lately I've really been trying to abide by the positioning arrows and that's still not helping. I'm not personally losing possesion a lot and I ony ask for a pass or through ball when I feel like it would be beneficial. I've tried playing on different difficulties and this happened both when I was on the Dynamo and now on Lazio. If anyone else has experienced this problem, please share how to fix it. It's pushing me away from this year's very enjoyable career mode. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance