best sites to learn? having difficulting pulling out wins

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I'm a huge football/soccer fan and love playing the game, but I would like to get better. I've completed all the skill games and get the general concept of pulling off skills moves, but I have hard time finishing off an attacking drive with the ball in the back of the net. I started a career mode with Liverpool, and have been playing on Professional difficulty (semi-pro is easy mode). I can pull off a few big wins against top teams, but I'm really inconsistent and find myself pissed off a lot when I have 1v1 situation with the goalie and can't finish it off and end up losing or drawing the match. Are there any sites/tutorials of how to get better at the game, tutorials on when to use skill moves and what ones to use in certain situations? I find right now my best way to get the ball down the field is to pass, pass, pass, but then at some point I have ot put a move on someone and end up losing the ball, or tripping over them or something. Any suggestions on youtube channels or websites that mostly provide content on how to get better? ps. I tried online mode and got CRUSHED. So I think I'll still to Player vs CPU (except friend invites) until I can play Professional difficulty with some ease and more consistency. Thanks in advance!
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Hey bud; Try checking this site out, gives you tips and news about FIFA - worth a shot!