Still way ahead of PES,

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 12 (PS3 Bundle) PS3
Fifa 12 is the next installment in the series which is basically an update but the game has made some small changes which might please and some might not like the new features.

Fifa 12 is the first in the series to make it feel lie you are controlling most players with manual defend. Whilst it can be hard to master but if you play it enough you will either love it or hate but it's worth checking out and the game gives you a tutorial to show how it works. Also in this game you can for the first time play as the Goalkeeper but to be honest it isn't that good.

Apart from those changes Fifa 12 is basically the same game you have been playing for almost ever year but the game still has nice flowing gameplay and a ton of modes to play and putting in a screamer from about 30 yards is always a joy to behold.

In terms of look all the stadiums team and players are there as well. It has a challenge mode as well where you get certain challenges and have to achieve them. As well as be a Pro which lets you turn your created player into a first team regular.

The best footie game of this gen well maybe until the next one. Whilst there hasn't been big changes the manual defending is a nice new feature and the AI is pretty challenging too. Overall anybody who loves the sport should play this.

Overall Score 9.1