True FIFA fan since 98' but COMONE FIFA make some real Changes!

User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA 12 (PS3 Bundle) PS3
Every year you hope that you will see something AMAZING added to FIFA. And it just ends up being something that's alright. Don't get me wrong I love this game because if you are a true soccer fan you will play for hours. Here are my dislikes: Creating Your own tournaments offline is really restricting and once you create it it doesn't feel like your in a tournament. The presentation (like the table for upcoming matches and bracket (which is not even there) is horrible) You create your own World Cup and sadly there is no bracket, you just see the upcoming matches. I KNOW THAT THERE IS A DLC for EURO2012 and FIFA makes the WORLD CUP games too but I WANT these SIMPLE options in FIFA 12. 2) There are no national anthems, and pretty much as you start every game, the players come out the same way and do the same greetings EVERY game (same thing at the end of the matches) 3) If you win the Champions League it's the same as if you have won the domestic cup or any other one (same art except different trophy). 3) Manager mode, as you go through it you pretty much repeat everything, players suggestions arise and you answer, before a rival game you select the same options to inspire or criticize. 4) The difficulty level only cause the CPU to run faster as you increase the level. 5) Not all the teams are AUTHENTIC/ licensed. 6) FOR some REASON teams that are ranked in the world 70 on are present while teams like Bosnia, Serbia, Ghana, etc are not. 7) If you buy the game pre-owned you have to BUY a ea's pass code ($15). Now the really good thing about the game is that the actual game-play is solid. Players move nice and it's really fun to play. Famous players look/resemble a lot like the real ones.