Fifa 12 fails to tackle Player Impact Engine.

User Rating: 6 | FIFA 12 PC
The game is far more imbalanced Attack>>>Defense

The good points:

Player skills:
Many choices, plenty of skills can be performed during match.

Seems best for a sport game

Licensed teams, players

Introducing contain (pressurizing) the opposing team

The bad points:

Imbalanced Game-play: Attack>>>Defense
Far more importance has given to the attack than defense. The game-play is mainly concentrated on attack skills, no defense skills in fifa 12.

Sliding tackles:
They are useless. Sliding tackles are ineffective to such extent that it doesn't even trip the player while tackling. There is a big problem with normal tackling also; the referee gives fouls on that also. The most frustrating scenario is near the goal when the referee gives penalty every time for normal tackles also. There is a big question on how to stop the opposing team from scoring the goal.
Sliding tackles are a part of skills in defending. Teams like SPAIN use it more; they win more matches on defending & not attacking.

EA has made every player in fifa12 like Ronaldo or Messi. The AI while attacking a single player dribbles the ball dodging 4-5 defenders every time, how is that possible??

EA has made him the SUPERMAN in 12thversion. The goalkeeper literally fly's from one corner to the other; blocks all shots whether you shoot with maximum power or not. It is very difficult to score 1on1 situation with the goalkeeper.

AI defenders:
They act as dumb as possible in the match. They create gap for the opposing team in spite of using the contain strategy.

Wrong off-sides, wrong tackling decisions.

AI attack:
AI scores every time when shots on target. With teams like AC Milan or Man Utd AI only scores goals attacking from the corners & scoring goals via volley (headers). It is scripted.

Player Impact Engine:
Fails completely. Players from the same team collide with each other often in the match & fall giving away the ball to the opposite team.

So FIFA 12 is broken; an unfinished product delivered to gamers, much worse from its predecessors & does not have any WOW moments in the game.