FIFA 12 warrants the boot...

User Rating: 5.5 | FIFA 12 PC
I've done FIFA reviews in the past but this can be pretty blunt and clear, FIFA 12 is one of the buggiest, incomplete, unpolished sporting games in recent history and once again proves the pitfall of making a game every single year...

FIFA 12 looks like FIFA 11 really, with some minor upgrades and there's not much that needs to be said. The graphics especially on the PC version is the strongest part of the game and that says it all.

Soundwise commentary is what you expect though the ability to choose from 4 English voices instead of the standard two is a nice option. You still get odd error, where the commentary doesn't match what happens on the pitch but it seems to a lesser degree this year.

FIFA not only falls but crashes like a burning wreck with the gameplay and proves the new engine they are building requires at least 1 more year of work. BUGS riddle the new impact system with players becoming transformers by twisting and turning into some very uncomfortable body shapes. At times the ragdoll effects are laughable with your players being yanked around like puppets or being shot out of a cannon. The passing system is extremely inaccurate at times, crosses continue to hang in the air instead of being whipped in and the general play feels slow, heavy and very unrealistic. The tackling system is probably the worst thing about the game with the new Tactical system failing because am using a controller and not my own two feet and even the legacy system is dire due to the new engine.

The AI doesn't give the ball away as stupid as past games and thats a better realistic touch. However for all the times EA bang on about the amount of stats they collect for FIFA games, they sure do like to ignore them. Basically 9 times out of 10 the AI will be stronger, faster, slicker than the engine allows your players to be and more skillful than you. The AI will also dribble like Messi every 5 minutes but that's mainly down to the tackling system being underwhelming with your players making pathetic attempts to win the ball and the computer moving your other players away from marking positions.

Most goals are the same for you and the AI though scoring for you has never been so hard due to the stone like movement of your teammates who struggle to ever get into space to support attacks. Career mode edges even more to a manager-lite game and thats a good thing but if the gameplay fails then its all nothing at the end of the day.

FIFA 12 is not the beautiful game and anyone who says different has never played FOOTBALL in their life.