Ea have committed suicide

User Rating: 1.5 | UEFA Euro 2012 X360
EA released a add on to fifa12 instead of shipping out a over priced game which was good news


They brought out something that may cause a few nose bleeds.

Lets Start with the positives

...................................opps...that's right there are none unless a lick of paint floats your boat.

Negatives -

Where do we start.

* Lets start with whats in the DLC, EA have not listened to their fan base and ignored a qualifying mode leading to the tournament similar to world cup 2010, this gave some life to the product but in this case you get the tournament and that's it (yes what a bore as you can do this on fifa 12 anyway)

* Expedition mode....somewhat worked on fifa street but doesn't need an Einstein to work out this would not work on fifa12/euro12
. And yes it doesn't in fact its awful.

*Unlicensed Squads in fact 40% ish including BOTH host nations and im not even going to bother with going into the legal issues surround EA's false advertising of this product.

*No customisation......that's right you cannot customise your squad so you have to play squad players that will not be playing in Euro 12. FANS WANT TO PLAY THE GAME AND PLAYERS THEIR WAY EA.

*You cannot play new international teams in normal FIFA mode so you cannot create your own tournament .

*Players disappear from your squad during the tournament and new players arrive....Did they miss the plane? Did they just go home and sulk?

*When starting Euro 12 sometimes it asks you to purchase the game even though you already have, meaning you cant play.

*Game frequently crashes....So far ive managed to only play 2 game before crashing, so expect to play double the games in tournaments and pray if your winning it doesn't crash.

*Lack of atmosphere in game specially when you actually win the tournament .

EA clearly have committed suicide with this product and heads should roll, this is not only ripping off their fan base but also causes major damage to consumer confidence, specially after FIFA12 was clearly a step back from FIFA11 with far to many bugs and unbalanced game play.
Word of WARNING EA lightening can strike twice, you got a kicking many years ago for being arrogant and lazy.