This game is terrible.

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How does this game get a 9.0? The controls are terrible, the AI is terrible, your teammates just stand there and watch a ball go right past them and my biggest gripe, it's a game, it should be fun to play. This game is not fun at all. What a waste of money.

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probably because EA "buys" the reviews.

This game is terrible. It's just an updated version of Fifa 11. Online, this is the most laggy game I ever had, offline, opposition AI are too good, they have super human keepers, and our team mates AI is horrible, they just stand there or do the most stupid runs.

Not to mention the fact that for some reason UT doesn't work with me, I have not been able to creat my team (yes, I have the online pass), and no one from EA is able to help me.


This year, EA fooled me, even though I watched lots of reviews, the game seemed to have improved a lot, until I bought the game and realised it was an updated version of Fifa 11.


Next year, EA won't be getting my money.

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Both of you are wrong. This is the best PC soccer game to date.

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somebody must be bad at FIFA... poor little guy

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Thats you opinion, I still think they could have made a much better game.

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I play on world class difficulty, I managed to win the champions league on two occasions, defending is quite a chore, in legendary its downright unfair, i manage to win some games on legendary difficulty but not consistent, to me defending effectively in legendary is downright impossible!!!
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Forget legendary difficulty if you expect a fair match against the CPU in FIFA 12.It's just,well, unfair: -AI GK seldom chooses the wrong way in penalty's like the cpu will detect which way you're pressing the left stick; -AI center-backs and left/right becks are able to shoot DIRECTLY towards the wingers or strikers feet,and your defensers won't don't anything besides looking the ball travel past them.even if you press the contain or team mate contain buttons simultaneously; -They always win heading fights in penalty box or in midfield circle; -Your players are ALWAYS bad positioned,and the AI can make ridicle lob passes like if the ball was a magnet; -AI players doesn't seem to become tired easily.They can sprint from the midfield towards your goal and you can't chase him down; -The AI knows exactly when you're gonna perform a tackle or a sliding tackle,and then dribbles around my defenser,even if it's within close contact; -AI was able to score once from almost 40 yards away from the goal,that was just ridicle; All AI and user silder settings were default(50), so there was a balance. In 10 matches against real friends,I won 5,drew 2 and lost 3(with similar # of stars and overall levels),and it's clear there was a balance.Against legendary IA,even if choose Barcelona against a one-star team,it's enough to lose by 5-0.