Franchise mode help - never played this game

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I apologize if these questions are frustrating for the long time players.

As background, I enjoy GMing and coaching teams on these games - traditional North American sports like hockey and baseball mostly.  Soccer seems like a really great game to watch, and based on my very limited knowledge of the sport would be  fascinating strategy type challenge for someone like me interested in being the architecht of a team, and seeing how the plans unfold while I sip a scotch and relax.  Im interested in learning more about the game and taking over a franchise, making player moves, coaching strategies and coaching decisions.  However, i dont like to actual dribble, pass, shooot etc etc.  Just not my thing.

Does this game allow for that, similar to say the way MLB The Show allows you to GM and manage a franchise?

Is the MLS league a part of the game, so for instance can i take over and run Toronto FC?

Finally, are national teams included, and if so is Canada included?

Thanks in advance, and again - sorry if most of these Qs are old hat.


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You better try football manager. The Best soccer management game what exist for pc