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I am looking at picking up a 2nd hand copy of Fifa 12.....and I know that Fifa 13 is out in a month or so......what I was wondering is that with the English season of 2011/12 over and the 2012/2013 season about to start......


Will the EA Sports Football club continue as per normal regardless of whether you are playing Fifa 12 or Fifa 13?....will it take into account that you are playing a year old version when up-dating the current season, experience, team players, club positions etc?


(If Fifa 13 has only minor tweaks to gameplay etc - then I should probably pick up Fifa 12 - but if the Sports Football Club is going to be limited because of that then it might change my decision) - I don't really want to play Fifa 12 and find that I am always looking at last years stats, club players etc