Loved the FIFA Franchise? Then think again before buying this one...

User Rating: 7 | FIFA Soccer 11 PC
I really had a lot of expectations with FIFA '11 after playing FIFA '10 up till the day '11 broke into the market, and was one of the first to try it among my friends and consequently the most disappointed.

The developers have taken a very disastrous route. In a bid to make the game feel at par with realism, they have integrated some pretty useless and pathetic stuff.

Messi can be overcome by a brawny, unheard of defender and so can Kaka, skill takes the back seat in this installment, you gotta have body power to survive on the field, a thing that I think EA should reserve for their American Football line.

Every unknown club in the world has a superman deployed instead of a regulation keeper, saving the most unstoppable of shots, it really feels like you are shooting at a wall instead of a goal. And if this wasn't enough, the guys doing this Soccer Sim have tried their utmost to make our opposition's defense impregnable and ours, totally pervious, your CPU controlled defenders will behave like total noobs, no matter what the back of their shirt says.

Despite all the glitches and mediocre things '11 ships with, there are some appreciable alterations too. The menu has been revamped to good effect. The graphics are quite good but still not good enough as the crowds are still those sickening cardboard cutouts! and the Career Mode is quite playable.

I will really not recommend this game if you had been addicted to the FIFA series, but my recommendation won't matter to you all the same because of the fact that every conventional FIFA gamer gets the newest sequel and plays it for himself, no matter what the reviews say. This is the FIFA tradition...

Gameplay: ***
Graphics: ***
Music: ****
Replay Value: 95% (For Career Mode: 55%)