Fifa 10 is one of the most realistic football sims ever created, with stunning visuals and some great new tricks n tips!

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 10 PS3
One of the greatest rivalries in the video game industry, with an increasing intensity, is the one between the FIFA series, produced by EA Sports and the Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami. The history is quite complicated. FIFA was the best of them all and an increase in the quality of the gameplay was obvious from one edition to another. Things started going wrongly for the FIFA series when 4 editions in a row did not bring anything notable other than small tweaks to the game and a shinier graphics. In the meanwhile, PES began concentrating on making the game better and better, even though they did not have licenses for a lot of the players in the game. Things evolved in this direction until 2007, when the games made for the 2008 editions noted one clear winner, PES. It was better than FIFA on a lot of levels, even though a lot of the fans did not make the transition. The 09 editions were slightly equal in quality, FIFA came back with a lot of new ideas and gameplay tweaking while PES stagnated somehow. In my opinion, FIFA 09 had better graphics (even though not by much) while PES 09 brought something new to the table gameplay wise. It is hard to note a winner for last year's round as the games had their share of strong and weak points.

But that's enough talking about the past. Unfortunately, I cannot make a comparison between the two games as the embargo for PES 2010 will not be lifted until 15 October. There is no point in wasting time so I will have to tell you: the 360 degree control in FIFA 10 is splendid, make your runs, pass the ball or take a shot at the angle that you want. This brings a lot to the table and makes the gameplay realistic in a way I have never experienced before. One other area where the game has improved, is the ball physics. Maybe it is something subjective but, although the ball seems to behave like in reality, it is still a little forced compared to how natural it moves in PES. You will also like how you can't rely on the exact same tactics to win a game or score a goal. The pace is slightly slower than in FIFA 09, but this gives you options to really think through a play. The satisfaction you get when you actually build a play from the ground up is quite rewarding. Scoring a goal is also harder, as tall players won't be the king of the hill absolutely all the time like in FIFA 09 while long distance shots have less chance to go in. Which is very cool, especially considering the problems FIFA had throughout the years in making players play the game, not rely on plays they know they work. And to see a FIFA game in which you do not score in 70% of the corners is a new, but most welcomed experience. Taking the ball from your opponent is a little too easy as an unskilled defender can easily take the ball off a player with a lot of technique. This is slightly balanced by the fact that you can easily get around your opponent while at the ball using the 360 degree control, but it seems more like compensating for a mistake rather than a logical thing. There are some other things you won't like in FIFA 10 like the fact that handballs are still ignored and problems with tackles and how the referee plays advantage, but that can all be over looked. EA Sports has a bad habit of publishing sequels that offer only visual changes but nothing else. This time it's exactly the opposite, as the gameplay has been changed, and with some degree of success, but the graphics are mostly the same. The player character look like the persons they are representing, but there are a few animation problems. The commentary is solid, and no where near as annoying as FIFA 09.

Like in all the previous editions of the game, you can play a season, start a managing career, play a tournament or an exhibition match. The Be A Pro mode went under some modifications and it is slightly improved but not phenomenal. The managing mode is really solid, especially the transfers, to how top teams rank at the end of a season and so on, and it's really fun! FIFA 10 is an improvement, and a noticeable one. The graphics have not changed much, but everything else is solid. At least until next year, when FIFA 11 and PES go head to head, again.
+ Solid gameplay with great 360 dribble feature
+ Good graphics
+ Some amazing features and a great manager mode
+ Really fun

- Some animation issues
- Not much graphical change